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Schedule, Dates, and Locations of Mainland China Auditions:

Guangzhou:   Monday, October 16, 17, 18—Wednesday, October 18
                  The Music School Attached to the Xinhai Conservatory of Music                                             

 Shanghai:       Wednesday, October 19—Saturday, October 21
                         Tongii University

 Beijing:           Monday, October 23—Thursday, October 26
                               China Conservatory            

For information for Mainland China auditions:

Contact Info: 


电话:(86) 010-6486-4526 Cell: (86) 132-6925-7393 尹老师,赵老师 (请在早上10点至下午5点之间拨打)
如果需要英文或广东话帮助请拨打:(86) 188-1891-6478 邓老师

Contact Info:

China Conservatory Education Center
No.1 Anxiang Rd, Chaoyang Qu, Beijing 100101
Tel: (86) 010-6486-4526 Cell: (86) 132-6925-7393 (Please Call BTW 10:00Am to 17:00Pm) 

If you need assistance of English or Cantonese, Please call: (86) 188-1891-6478 Ms. Deng

Please download application forms from:

More information on Oberlin Conservatory of Music Hosted Auditions in China 

For additional information on the China auditions Click Here for Chinese Poster or

Mainland China Auditions Are Hosted by Oberlin Conservatory of Music

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